A Few Thoughts about Travel Insurance

Paperwork is a hassle, but a much smaller one than the problems that can happen when you’re traveling. This is on my mind today as I mailed a second batch of travel insurance related paperwork.

I was sufficiently paranoid about volcanic eruptions and airline strikes that I decided to buy travel insurance for my May/June trip to Iceland and France. This time my paranoia paid off.

I’m generally not a fan of insurance. I chafe at the idea of paying money just in case there is a problem. But international travel is expensive, so this time I did. I did a bit of shopping and decided to purchase through Travelex. I got a basic policy, nothing special and honestly it didn’t cost very much money either.

Now, if you’ve read my earlier post about Unplanned Destinations you know already that I got very sick and had to seek medical care in Iceland. I also had to skip a tour, stay an extra night and change my flight. That took $$$

The insurance policy meant I’d be reimbursed. I want to also take a minute to praise the customer representatives at the companies that handled my Travelex policy: On Call International and Stonebridge Casualty Insurance. When I got sick, the reps at On Call were wonderful, especially Crystal (sp?). She was sympathetic, got me the information I needed and emailed the necessary paperwork to my guesthouse. Reps also checked on me and then later when my luggage got seriously delayed they also tried to help with that fiasco. Upon my return I’ve been filling out paperwork for Stonebridge and both times that I’ve called with questions the reps have been pleasant and helpful.

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