How I Got Lucky at the Eiffel Tower

My lucky shot of the Eiffel Tower (straight out of the camera - no editing).

My lucky shot of the Eiffel Tower (straight out of the camera – no editing).

Paris was the final destination on my recent European adventure. My friends and I drove from Cherbourg to Paris on June 8, giving us only the evening and the next day to explore Paris together. But I’d flown separately so I managed to tack on an extra day for solo sightseeing. Aside from a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from Pont Neuf on the 9th, it wasn’t until the morning of the 10th I was able to see the entire Eiffel Tower (Tour de Eiffel in French). It is an architectural marvel. It was hard to believe it is still standing after being built for the 1889 World’s Fair (for the history buffs here’s more info: it was nearly torn down in 1909).

Sadly, the skies were overcast and foggy and it was raining by noontime. I intended to visit the top of the tower first thing in the morning, but by 9:30 a.m. the lines were atrocious and the tower was enveloped in fog.

I snapped some photographs, but decided to go on about my day. If there was time later I would ascend to the top of Gustave Eiffel’s engineering marvel.

Around 9 p.m. that evening I wandered over again, thinking at least I’ll be able to get some better photographs. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The line for the nearest tower couldn’t have had more than 100 people in it, probably fewer. How fortunate! I gleefully hopped into line and it didn’t take long to fall into conversation with the family from California in line ahead of me.

I don’t think it took more than 40 minutes to an hour to go through the ticket line, security and the additional line to the very top. The sun was going down while I was at the top of the tower and as I took pictures of the view in each direction, I saw the myriad flashes being taken from Trocadero of the Eiffel Tower. I understood why when I descended from the tower which was now glowing yellow.

I took the above picture after I left and headed toward the metro station.

I still can’t believe my luck!

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