Philadelphia’s “Labyrinth of Delicious Food”


Philbert. Apparently Pike Place isn't the only market with a metal pig.

Philbert. Apparently Pike Place isn’t the only market with a metal pig.

Before driving back to Washington, D.C. from a recent trip to New Jersey I visited my favorite spot in Philadelphia: Reading Terminal Market. I picked up some gorgeous purple cherry tomatoes and dried apples at Iovine Brothers produce, wished I didn’t have several hours of driving to do as I looked at the steaks in Martin’s case, loaded up on bread and rolls at Metropolitan Bakery and picked up a Philly soft pretzel at the Pennsylvania General Store.

As I stood in line for a cheesesteak at Spataro’s a young man behind me was raving that the market was a “labyrinth of delicious food!” I rather like that description.

It’s true you can get far more than the standard Philly fare of pretzels and cheesesteaks, although you should get both of those! You can watch cheese being made, buy cupcakes from hipsters, or dine on all kinds of food including cajun, seafood, perogies, Chinese, salads. Desserts abound, from Termini Bros. cannoli and more to cookie stores and Mueller’s chocolate “montrosities of chocolatey proportions.”


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