Pictures from Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Because it is still freezing cold in Virginia and because it is snowing again ruining the plans for my day, I’m posting some lovely images of warmer places and wishing for better weather. Last week I took a two day trip to see family in southwest Florida. On one of them it rained a lot, but we still enjoyed Sarasota Jungle Gardens. I held snakes and a baby alligator, watched birds perform tricks and fed flamingos by hand. It’s a pretty cool place and has been there since 1939.





A Look at the History of Santa Monica’s Promenade

If you haven’t seen it, KCET’s look at the history (with plenty of photographs) of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade is pretty cool. Nathan Master’s who writes on Los Angeles history shares the story of how this went from a street, to a pedestrian mall during an urban renewal phase and more. The photographs from various stages of its history were my favorite part though.  Continue reading