New Equipment

I bought a tripod last week. I needed something relatively inexpensive, so I looked online for some reviews and found an adventure photographer’s blog who recommended five different budget tripods. The Slik Pro II with ball head was one of them and was the one I choose (mostly due to the weight of slightly less than 2 pounds). 


Today was my first opportunity to test it out. Already, I’m thrilled with how light it is. I was weighed down enough by my camera bag, Rebel 5Ti and three lenses. The last thing I needed was a heavy tripod. It was also a test run for my Canon 18-55 lens that I hadn’t really shot with yet.

I ventured to the U.S. Botanic Gardens in D.C., because even though the sun was out, the city is still pretty drab looking. The tripod can be adjusted easily and quickly. The challenge for me was just getting used to using it. But I’m certainly pleased that it gave me the freedom to shoot at much longer shutter speeds than I could get without it.



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