An Hour (or Two) in Boulder

Boulder was the first stop in my Great Western Road Trip. I was curious more than anything and didn’t really expect to like the place so much. There was still plenty of tye-dye to be seen, but the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall was less “hippie” than I’d expected.

BoulderFlatironsB&WI really hadn’t planned to stay long since I had to drive all the way to Estes Park and I’d already gotten up so early to fly to Colorado. I planned to head straight to Foolish Craig’s for lunch, but got sidetracked by The Boulder Bookstore (I can’t resist a good bookstore) and a gorgeous haberdashery. I picked up two books about women adventurers at The Boulder Bookstore including, How to Climb Mont Blanc in a Skirt: A Handbook for the Lady AdventurerI started reading it this weekend and it is absolutely fascinating. By the time I walked to Foolish Craig’s I was famished since my stomach was still on eastern time.

I wound up spending a couple of hours wandering Pearl Street, poking in shops like Violette and wishing I could justify buying a new dress there. There were so many and they were beautiful. I settled for a scarf and continued on. Cured was the last stop and where I picked up some cheese and meat to eat later that night. If you’re into fancy cheeses Cured is the place to go.

The following day I stopped in Boulder again and ate at The Sink. It certainly has an interesting atmosphere and good burgers.

One thought on “An Hour (or Two) in Boulder

  1. Love the Sink! Boulder is one of my favorite cities. Thanks for sharing the awesome thoughts! If you’re ever interested in some awesome book reviews and musings, be sure to follow! Thanks!


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