Utah, Take Two

Last year, I took a huge road trip. I visited Colorado and Utah both and I fell in love with the Western landscape. (I took this from the side of the road in Heber Valley).


On that trip I was covering so much distance, I didn’t stay in any one place for very long. So tomorrow I return to Utah, to see a friend in Provo, spend some quality time in Ogden and Salt Lake with the friends I had only a few hours with last April. I’m even going to take back my teenage decision to NEVER ski again, and give it one more go at the beginner friendly Powder Mountain resort. Looking forward to my first true winter weather vacation to what is supposed to be a winter playground.

I was actually supposed to go a week ago … but a blizzard decided to take out the East Coast (20 inches or so at my place!). Many thanks to Southwest Airlines and Enterprise Rent a Car customer service reps for taking great care of me and getting things rearranged without costing me any more money. I’ve never even flown Southwest yet, and you’ve earned my future loyalty by making what could have been a huge headache, a breeze instead. And Enterprise, you’ve made me happy, yet again. Which is why I always try to rent with you.


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