Throwback Thursday: Trip to England

In March 2008, I took a spectacular trip to England with my mom. Sure, it was rainy and gross most of the time. It even snowed on Easter, but we explored the Cornwall and London, drove on the “wrong” side of the road, couchsurfed for the first time, made some new friends and did so many things it was well worth it. I have no regrets about the trip, only about the photographs which I took with a point-and-shoot since I couldn’t yet afford a DSLR camera.

Paying My Respects to the ‘Queen of Crime’

I wish I could recall when I picked up my first novel by Agatha Christie and which title it was. All I know is that as a child sometime after graduating from Nancy Drew, I made my way to the adult mysteries reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the prolific Agatha Christie, who wrote not only dozens of novels, but short stories and playsContinue reading