Two Years Ago: Once in a Lifetime Memories


Two years ago this weekHarpa Reflected, I hopped on a plane to visit two countries I’d never seen, for a historic anniversary (the 70th anniversary of D-Day). The trip was incredible, despite so much that went wrong.

I flew to Iceland first, desperate to see the strange and wild land on my way to France. I had an incredible first day there in spite of the cold rain that fell most of the day. I walked around Reykjavik, took shelter in Harpa, went horseback riding through lava fields (in the rain), intrigued a cat wandering the harbor and ate.

My second day in Reykjavik couldn’t have been more different, as I’ve explained before. A horrible sickness took hold ruining my day and keeping me in Iceland an extra 24 hours.

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One Year Ago: Paratrooper Camp



A year ago I had a tremendous opportunity to join a friend and her colleague for a trip to Normandy, France during the week of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Re-enactors, veterans and active duty military were everywhere along with relatives and history buffs. There were activities across Normandy. Practically every town held festivities. It was incredible.

I don’t know exactly where I took this picture on my first day in France. It was a paratroop re-enactor camp between Caen and Cherbourg somewhere.


Sophisticated Graffiti: Canal St. Martin, Paris

Classy tagging on a bridge over Canal St. Martin, Paris, France.

Classy tagging on a bridge over Canal St. Martin, Paris, France.

I heard Canal St. Martin is a neat, bohemian area of Paris. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stroll the canal area and explore as I would have liked too (we were meeting a friend for dinner). But I did take this picture of the graffiti on this bridge. Someone was keeping it classy in Paris.