Unplanned Destinations: Icelandic Urgent Care

Nearly 11 p.m. and the sun hasn't set yet.

Nearly 11 p.m. and the sun hasn’t set yet.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you plan for a trip, the unexpected happens. The unexpected can be good: making a new friend out of a stranger in a restaurant or on a tour. But it can also be bad. Anti-nausea meds bad.

I had the pleasure of stopping over in Iceland at the beginning of June on my way to France. I was so excited about this trip. Even though I would only be in Iceland for less than 48 hours, I was honestly more jazzed about exploring the northern island than I France. I devoured the Lonely Planet Guide to Iceland and electronically highlighted it to death.

My first day was magical. I landed at KEF around 6:30 a.m. Icelandic time, on very little sleep. But I had that nervous wonderment of seeing a new place and didn’t feel tired. I spent far too much money on a 66 North raincoat because it was pouring and I didn’t have one I could bring. But already I knew Iceland was special, because Stanley Tucci was shopping there too. Having never come across a famous actor in real life I said something stupid, but at least I wasn’t obnoxious — I don’t think.  Continue reading