On Hiatus

I’m afraid that working full-time, freelancing and trying to maintain Steak and a Bible is more than I can manage right now. So this page will be on hiatus for awhile. However, you can still keep up with me a few different ways. If my Christianity blog interests you follow me there or follow it on Twitter (@steakandabible) or Facebook.

If mini stories and photographs from my adventures is more to your liking, I hope you’ll come follow me on my new Instagram account: @julwriter.

I will return to publishing here once I am able to find the time. Thanks for reading.


T-Minus 1 Day

Well, my first trip to Colorado and Utah is less than a day away. I’m very excited. But tonight I faced the dreaded, but necessary packing. For as much as I love traveling, I really, really hate packing. This time I discovered one awesome thing:


I read about these Ziploc Space Bags for traveling on a list of travel hacks and decided to try them out. They don’t require a vacuum to suck out the air, you just roll the air out. The illustration that showed the rolling step was a bit confusing. You have to roll from the zipped end toward the other end of the bag.

I expect my stuff will be a bit wrinkled, but this really helped me solve the challenge of packing for an 8-day trip that will involve a temperature range from below freezing and ice to 80 degrees, as well as a series of sweat-inducing activities (dancing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing). Currently my suitcase is close to full, but not overly full with a little help from these bags.

Here I come Colorado.


Pictures from Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Because it is still freezing cold in Virginia and because it is snowing again ruining the plans for my day, I’m posting some lovely images of warmer places and wishing for better weather. Last week I took a two day trip to see family in southwest Florida. On one of them it rained a lot, but we still enjoyed Sarasota Jungle Gardens. I held snakes and a baby alligator, watched birds perform tricks and fed flamingos by hand. It’s a pretty cool place and has been there since 1939.