Majestic Rocks in Moab, Utah

Today was the longest driving day of my entire trip out West. I left Denver shortly after 6 a.m. I arrived in Moab shortly after 6 p.m. I’m not gonna lie, some of the drive was downright scary. Icy roads coming through the Rockies, another bout of snow on the San Juan Skyway and a fear-of-heights-inducing drive up Norwood Hill above San Miguel Canyon. It was a crazy day and I have plenty of stories. But for now, I’ll just post proof that it was totally worth it. This is Balanced Rock at sunset.

Balancing Rock Arches NP


T-Minus 1 Day

Well, my first trip to Colorado and Utah is less than a day away. I’m very excited. But tonight I faced the dreaded, but necessary packing. For as much as I love traveling, I really, really hate packing. This time I discovered one awesome thing:


I read about these Ziploc Space Bags for traveling on a list of travel hacks and decided to try them out. They don’t require a vacuum to suck out the air, you just roll the air out. The illustration that showed the rolling step was a bit confusing. You have to roll from the zipped end toward the other end of the bag.

I expect my stuff will be a bit wrinkled, but this really helped me solve the challenge of packing for an 8-day trip that will involve a temperature range from below freezing and ice to 80 degrees, as well as a series of sweat-inducing activities (dancing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing). Currently my suitcase is close to full, but not overly full with a little help from these bags.

Here I come Colorado.