Two Years Ago: Once in a Lifetime Memories


Two years ago this weekHarpa Reflected, I hopped on a plane to visit two countries I’d never seen, for a historic anniversary (the 70th anniversary of D-Day). The trip was incredible, despite so much that went wrong.

I flew to Iceland first, desperate to see the strange and wild land on my way to France. I had an incredible first day there in spite of the cold rain that fell most of the day. I walked around Reykjavik, took shelter in Harpa, went horseback riding through lava fields (in the rain), intrigued a cat wandering the harbor and ate.

My second day in Reykjavik couldn’t have been more different, as I’ve explained before. A horrible sickness took hold ruining my day and keeping me in Iceland an extra 24 hours.

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Remembering Memorial Day


It’s easy to get caught up in simply enjoying a three-day weekend with friends. But this Memorial Day, take some time remember what’s it’s really all about. It’s about these men and countless like them who have died for freedom.

Time explains the origin of Memorial Day and The Washington Post found a veteran who’s upset by the holiday, because so many people have forgotten its meaning.