Local Spots: Jones Point

I went for a bike ride today. It was just too beautiful outside not to. I decided to park my car at Jones Point park because I wanted to ride the Mount Vernon Trail. Since Jones Point is the closest parking spot on the trail for me, there’s lots of parking and the best bathrooms on the trail (with the exception of Mount Vernon estate). In addition to being a great place to start a ride, Jones Point has a cute little lighthouse, some picnic tables, great views of National Harbor and of DC from downriver.

As I was riding on this beautiful day it occurred to me that a little more than a year ago I was there for a much different reason and took some beautiful portraits. My little brother and his fiancee came to DC in order for me to take some engagement pictures for them. I think this is my favorite one (taken at a building beside the lighthouse).



Best Views of D.C.

It’s Cherry Blossom time in Washington, D.C. When hordes of tourists descend upon the city armed with cameras. I generally find the crush of people too overwhelming to take my own camera to Tidal Basin during the festival.

I’ve lived in the D.C. area for more than a decade and before this month, had only gone to see the blossoms twice. This year, however, I decided it was time to try again armed with the right gear (tripod and shutter remote) and the will to get up earlier than most. I went last weekend (peak was supposed to be last week) and had the place to myself, but a disappointing sunrise.

Although I was not rewarded with the best sunrise today, I did capture some beautiful views of my adopted city, spent time with a friend and logged quite a bit of practice with long exposures and sunrise metering. I also realized live view is a huge (but necessary) battery drain and I really need to order a backup battery.

Here are just a few of my favorites from today.

Before the sun:

WashingtonMonumentDaybreak1 (1 of 1)

Closer to sunrise:

CherryMonumentSunriseDVSTip (1 of 1)

Dawn in D.C.

DawnInD.C. (1 of 1)


Majestic Rocks in Moab, Utah

Today was the longest driving day of my entire trip out West. I left Denver shortly after 6 a.m. I arrived in Moab shortly after 6 p.m. I’m not gonna lie, some of the drive was downright scary. Icy roads coming through the Rockies, another bout of snow on the San Juan Skyway and a fear-of-heights-inducing drive up Norwood Hill above San Miguel Canyon. It was a crazy day and I have plenty of stories. But for now, I’ll just post proof that it was totally worth it. This is Balanced Rock at sunset.

Balancing Rock Arches NP


Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, D.C.



Soon the cherry blossoms will begin blooming in D.C. Washingtonian shared some tips for how to take good photographs of them. Their recommendations are pretty good.

I’ve made a point twice to take pictures of them. Once at sunrise, and another time at midday. I became overwhelmed by the crowds the year I went during the day. The mistake I made the year I went to shoot before sunrise was that I did not own a tripod.