Music Monday: Paul Loren at Joe’s Pub

About a year ago, I went to hear my friend Johnny Boyd play some great music in Baltimore. Also playing that night was soul crooner Paul Loren of New York City. As a soul music lover, I was instantly hooked. Paul’s got tremendous talent. A few days ago he played a show at Joe’s Pub and thankfully the entire thing is online for those who couldn’t be it at the show. I really love the encore.



New Music Discovery: The Meltdown

Those who know me in real life know that I’m always listening to music, but it hasn’t really been something I blog about. Maybe that will change. Maybe not.

Today I’m making an exception. I just learned of this band today because they started following me on Twitter. Thanks for following! Anyway, The Meltdown is a soul/jazz/blues band based in Melbourne, Australia. Yes. Australia. Who knew?

Since I love those three styles of music, I’m giving them a listen. This is their track Better Days. If you want to listen to more, here’s their website or you can find them on Twitter.



Images of Iceland

I hoped to enjoy some of that unusual and natural beauty of Iceland when I stopped there in May/June. Unfortunately, some things went wrong and I was unable to leave Reykjavik. This week I found this incredible video on as well as a Q&A with the photographer that was simply fascinating. It gave me a taste of what I missed and increased my hunger to return. Enjoy it!

Time Lapse Photography of Iceland