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Versatile Communicator Ready to Handle Your Needs

In my experience as an assistant managing editor and communications director, I’ve learned firsthand that communications is a juggling act. I know that often there are more balls you want (or need) to be juggling than your team can manage on its own. 

I’m prepared to help if your business or charity needs an extra communications juggler. With training in journalism and more than 14 years as a professional communicator I have many different skills to offer. Services include proofreading, editing, content administration, writing and other content creation, content planning and more.


Content Creation

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Trained as a journalist and passionate about stories, I know how to ask the right questions about your business, customers or donors to create content that helps reach your goals.Take a closer look.


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If you’re looking for someone who can’t read without seeing the typos, spelling errors and inconsistencies, look no further for your proofreading and editing needs. I’ve been editing copy for accuracy, grammar, style and effectiveness for more than a decade. Learn more.

Content Planning/Publishing

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If you need assistance executing your content strategy and marketing plan, I can help in many ways including publishing website content or managing your email campaigns. If developing a strategy is still on your to do list, let’s talk.

“42 on a scale of 1-10 for reliability”

Julia is excellent at whatever she does. She’s a strong writer and editor. She’s top-notch for project management and getting things done. She’s a 42 on a scale of 1-10 for reliability. She knows how to teach young writers and get them to toe the line. She also can work with a variety of unusual and challenging characters and keep the operation moving forward.

Dan Gainor, VP of MRC Business, TechWatch and Culture
“Asset to any company”

Ms. Seymour is an extremely thorough researcher and reporter. She has appeared multiple times on my radio shows communicating stories and articles she had written for the Media Research Center. Ms. Seymour is a very gifted writer with an uncanny drive in pursuit of excellence. She will be an asset to any company or concern fortunate to employ her.

Tron Simpson, Radio Host KVOR-AM


Julia A. Seymour is a talented and versatile communicator now based in Denver, after 14 years working in the D.C. metro area.

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Please reach out if you’re looking to improve or expand communications for your non-profit or business.