I discovered a passion for communications in college, quickly deciding to pursue a journalism degree. After graduating with honors, I moved to Northern Virginia to apply those skills as a writer and editor in the D.C. area.

In 2019, I moved to Denver seeking the majesty of the mountains and my next professional adventure. 

Professional Background

Mountain States Legal Foundation

As Director of Communications for Mountain States Legal Foundation, I led communications efforts including the creation of an editorial calendar to ensure the quarterly newsletter, monthly letters to donors, emails and other projects were completed on time. 


  • I worked to improve email marketing effectiveness by connecting MailChimp to the website, adding automations, creating a welcome series to introduce MSLF to new subscribers, and adding content to monthly updates for the foundation’s supporters. 
  • Confident that clients’ personal stories are what our donors care about most, I met with clients and photographed and interviewed them to create short videos designed to educate and inspire. These interviews also yielded quotes and testimonials for digital and print content.
  • I managed and created website content (case pages, news posts), wrote press releases, media pitches, fundraising email appeals and content for donor newsletters and emails.

Samples: Profile of H.A. Dave True, Jr., a press release for a Southwestern grazing case, a case page for an Amicus filing, a round up of 2019 victories, the 2019 annual report and two client videos.

Tools: WordPress CMS, MailChimp, Office 365, Sharepoint, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Lightroom, Facebook, Tweetdeck.

Media Research Center Business

First as an Assistant Editor and Analyst, and later as Asst. Managing Editor for MRC Business, I monitored news coverage of a variety of economic and business issues in looking for bias and inaccuracies, wrote short and long form content, and helped train writers and interns. I also oversaw daily content production, from concept to publication.


  • Educated MRC audience on business and economic bias through persuasive writing, storytelling and op-eds. Wrote short blogs, medium length analyses and long-form Special Reports.
  • My Special Report: Networks Flip Flop on Jobs earned several television hits because it incorporated original research of historical news footage from 1982. I compared the 1982 coverage to 2009 coverage of unemployment, found and exposed the network news media’s hypocrisy on unemployment rates.
  • Edited short, medium and long-form content for argument, accuracy, style (AP) and grammar.
  • Represented MRC Business research in hundreds of talk radio interviews, including nationally syndicated programming, and TV appearances on CBN and Fox News.
  • Met with other organizations and prospective donors to represent MRC Business findings and work.

Samples: Paypal Co-founder Rejects Socialism, Environmental ‘Hero’ Knocks Celebs, Media for Amazon Fire Falsehoods, Evening News Skips March 196K Jobs Rebound, Networks Focus on Market Drops, Ignore Upswings, Invisible Economy, Networks Censored 75 Percent of Dow Record Highs Since 2017.

A four-part series exposing media misinformation on BPA dangers, the PR agency behind it and activists promoting it.

Tools: Google Suite, Nexis, AP Stylebook, Snapstream DVR, Camtasia, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Slack.

Ongoing Work

World Digital

As a freelance reporter for World Digital since 2013, I write weekly about international issues related to religious persecution. These appear in the World Tour column that is published on Fridays. My stories covered diverse issues including blasphemy laws, refugees, attacks by terrorist groups including ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab, protests, kidnappings, forced marriages and legislation that would harm religious minorities. 

Recent stories: Setting captives free from COVID 19, Persecuted and exposed, Collaboration and compassion, Femicide rising, Freedom for converts, Threats against Kenyan Christians and Clashes in Rakhine, Holiday cheer, terror fears, Too soon to go home, Persecution mounting

MRC Culture

After leaving full-time employment with MRC Business, I became a contributor to Newsbusters for MRC Culture exposing bias and inaccuracy in popular television shows. 


Julia A. Seymour is a talented and versatile communicator now based in Denver, after 14 years working in the D.C. metro area.

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