A quick and easy graphics tool

If you’re a graphic designer or a company with an in-house designer you almost certainly have someone who knows their way around the entire Adobe Suite and its high-powered graphic design programs.

For the rest of us, Adobe Spark Post is a pretty great option. The program is simpler and faster to learn for those of us without a lot of design training.

My friend and branding expert Rachel Davis shared some nifty capabilities of Adobe Spark Post in a webinar that really got me excited to do more with this tool. Although I knew my way around the program and have used it for social media graphics, it has a lot more to offer than I realized.

Here are three cool things I learned from Rachel about the program:

  1. You can assign your brand or brands to the program so you never lose track of brand colors, logos or fonts in the premium version (which is included in the Photographer’s package or full Adobe CC subscription)
  2. You can apply your own brands to templates of social media, web and print creations, which can help provoke ideas ideas and speed up the process. For example, for the above graphic I applied my website branding to a template and then tweaked it until I was satisfied with the image.
  3. In the mobile app you can animate your text in multiple ways, adding pizzazz to content for Instagram and other channels.

Are you using Spark Post? If not, what do you use to create your social media graphics? I’d love to know more about your go to tools.

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