Five Books That Will Take You Places

I’m not a homebody. I love traveling, but not right now. Like many others, I’m at home due to the COVID crisis. ¬†At least I’m surrounded with photographs and trinkets from my travels. There are photographs I took of Paris’s Notre Dame and Bruges’s canals hanging above my bed. From a trip to Seattle, IContinue reading “Five Books That Will Take You Places”

A quick and easy graphics tool

If you’re a graphic designer or a company with an in-house designer you almost certainly have someone who knows their way around the entire Adobe Suite and its high-powered graphic design programs. For the rest of us, Adobe Spark Post is a pretty great option. The program is simpler and faster to learn for thoseContinue reading “A quick and easy graphics tool”

I’m so glad you’re here

Welcome friends, potential clients and communications lovers. I’m so happy you’re here. After thinking about revamping this site for well over a year, I finally took the time to create a space for my professional self on the web. You can’t see me, but I’m dancing a happy dance over here. The rest of theContinue reading “I’m so glad you’re here”